© Steve McQueen. Photo: Tate
© Cecily Brown.Photo:Louisana Musenum of Modern Art
Photo: UCCA, photographer: Stefen Chow
© Steve McQueen. Photo: Tate
©Cecily Brown. Photo: Louisana Museum of Modern Art
Photo: UCCA, photographer: Stefen Chow
About Us
The De Ying Foundation is a charitable organisation that supports contemporary art in China and internationally. We believe that contemporary art has an essential place in today’s China, and are committed to widening access to the highest standards of programming. We try to take a patient, long-term approach that is collaborative and open-minded, supporting and learning from other organisations that share our aims and values as well as launching our own initiatives when we feel there is a pressing need. Arts education is especially important to us, since we believe both in its inherent value and in its potential for transformative impact. While our core focus as a foundation is on greater China we also work with international partners whose work inspires us, and hope to engender and to be part of a genuine artistic dialogue between China and the rest of the world.

The De Ying Foundation has provided long-term sponsorship for the De Ying Associate Curator, Visual Arts, at M+, and is Founding Patron of the Shanghai Centre of Photography. We were particularly excited to be early supporters of Steve McQueen’s Year 3 Project at Tate Britain.

Foundation Initiatives

In Celebration of the InauguralDe Ying Curatorial Fellowship
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De Ying Curatorial Fellowship2022 - 2023
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De YingCuratorial Fellowship
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In Celebration of the Inaugural De Ying Curatorial Fellowship 21.07.2023
On July 21, the first De Ying Curatorial Fellowship celebrated the culmination of its inaugural 18-month program with a seminar centered on the presentation of the fellows’ research projects. The seminar was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art at NYU Shanghai.
De Ying Curatorial Fellowship 2022 - 2023 17.03.2022
The De Ying Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural fellowship in the spring of 2022. The 18-month-long Shanghai-based programme presents a unique opportunity to a small group of candidates to focus on curatorial research as a locus for developing their personal practice.

The fellowship is conceived to present gifted candidates with an opportunity to think deeply and critically about the contemporary arts, with a view to the future, to the institutional landscape, and to fostering a broader and more inclusive contemporary narrative within a local and international context.

This inaugural fellowship is structured around the research topic: “Curating and the Institutional Landscape for China”; conceived to be of especial value at a moment when multiple previously immutable cultural and social narratives are in the process of being rethought. De Ying is delighted to support its first fellows in this pursuit: four extraordinarily talented young women, who are ideally placed to articulate a new version of China's current cultural conditions.

Here are the 2022-2023 De Ying Fellows (The fellows’ sequence is alphabetically arranged based on their family names):
Ling GU
Gwendoline Cho-ning KAM
Jia LI
De Ying Curatorial Fellowship 01.03.2022
The De Ying Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural De Ying Curatorial Fellowship. The De Ying Curatorial Fellowship, a full-time 18-month programme starting in February 2022, provides a platform to support talented individuals in China looking to develop their experience of exhibition-making within the field of contemporary art.

The fellowship will be led by Karen Smith, a British-born curator and art historian with many years’ experience within the field of contemporary art in China, both in an independent capacity and in collaborations with a variety of organisations and institutions. Before joining the De Ying Foundation, she has served as director of OCAT Xi’an and as artistic director of the Shanghai Center of Photography.

The De Ying Curatorial Fellowship will welcome up to 4 fellows, who will be based in Shanghai for the duration of the fellowship. Each fellow will receive a generous stipend to cover their living expenses, as well as additional travel grants.

Selected Projects

Steve McQueen – Year 3
The De Ying Foundation was a major early supporter of Steve McQueen’s Year 3 Project at Tate Britain, which saw the Turner Prize-winning artist and Oscar-winning filmmaker create an epic portrait of London’s Year 3 pupils that filled Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries.
Cecily Brown – Where, When, How Often and With Whom
The De Ying Foundation provided support for the production of the catalogue accompanying Where, When, How Often and With Whom Cecily Brown’s acclaimed survey exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Cao Fei – Staging the Era
The De Ying Foundation was a sponsor of Cao Fei: Staging the Era at UCCA, Beijing, the artist’s first major solo show in China and largest and most comprehensive career retrospective to date.